Monday, January 11, 2016

What's at the Bottom of Ted Cruz's Fantasy Spanking of Hilary Clinton

Ted Cruz seems like a rational fellow, but David Brooks claims that Cruz’s world is “combative,” “angry,” and “apocalyptic,” his speeches full of “dark and satanic tones.” I rarely agree with Brooks, but there is something “dark” in Cruz's telling voters to “spank” Hilary Clinton like Cruz spanks his 5-year old daughter.

On the surface, spanking is just a way to discourage bad behavior. But beneath the surface, after the child’s buttocks have been exposed to the same parent who teaches “modesty,” and the shame is comingled with the pain, we get a glimpse of the erotic origins of masochism and of adult bullies and abusers who reenact their childhood punishments by becoming “punishers” themselves.  

Sometimes when children are spanked, they don't respond at all.  Their facial expression exhibits nothing, no feeling whatsoever.  I've never seen Cruz's daughter's face during the spankings Cruz finds so pleasing, but I have seen the out-takes of some Cruz-for-President ads involving his family, and their interaction doesn't contradict David Brooks' portrait of Cruz as a man whose words are imbued with "dark and satanic tones."